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We here at Ned’s Auto Body Supply pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional service and attention.  Our management and sales team are among the industries finest and most experienced professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. 

Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with the highest level of value and customer service in the industry. 

Technical Support
Ned’s Auto Body Supply has a dedicated Technical Support Team to provide shops with technical assistance for any need.  Whether it be for product application or color match, we have the experience and technology to help.  
From time to time, everyone encounters a unique or problematic situation. We understand how frustrating this can be, and our in-house Technical Support Team stands ready to assist at a moment’s notice. They have first-hand knowledge of products and practices, and can provide prompt insight into the situation at-hand.

Inventory Management
While paint actually accounts for a small fraction of your total operating expenses, a lack of paint can be costly indeed. To prevent lost productivity due to out-of-stock occurrences, we have invested extensively in technology, people and transportation equipment. 
During our regular, on-site inventory checks, we’ll monitor your usage patterns and help you identify emerging trends. We’ll also keep you informed of labor and cost-saving new products or techniques. Our industry experience and first-hand familiarity with your business are your best assurances against unnecessary downtime.

On-time order fulfillment
As to deliveries, we’ll schedule them as often as needed, mindful of inventory carrying costs and the risk of being out of stock. With your permission, we’ll even put your stock away for you and return unused items for credit! That’s the kind of service you can expect from Ned’s Auto Body Supply.

Competitive pricing policies
Carrying multiple paint lines has costs: carrying costs, training costs, ordering and delivery costs, costs associated with varying product quality issues, and costs arising out of unfamiliarity with some products. 
Our loyalty to PPG makes it possible for us to offer the best possible pricing on an assortment of products that is remarkably complete. 

The bottom line? Superb total value for our customers.

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